Quality Optometry for the whole family

elle-styleLooking for experienced vision care that you can trust?

For 30 years we have been providing outstanding behavioural optometry care for children and adults. Expect the best in vision therapy, contact lens care, thorough eye examinations and high quality optical solutions.

Offering Vision Therapy

  • See more comfortably
  • Read more fluently
  • Spell more accurately
  • Understand what you see and hear better
  • Play ball sports better

See our Latest video: What 3D movies tell you about your vision!

For Children and Adults

Also innovative vision care with

  • Vision and learning assessments that provide diagnosis and advice for parents and teachers
  • Macro photography of the external eye
  • Retinal photography of the internal eye
  • Coloured lenses for optimal reading comfort (City University Colourimeter)
  • Orthokeratology-night time wear of contact lenses to replace spectacles and reshape the eye
  • Neuro-optometry using latest knowledge to treat visual deficits associated with previous head trauma and learning difficulties

6 Reasons You Should buy Your Glasses From Us:

  1. Quality service
    We care for you. Our job is to make your experience with us as good as it can be.
  2. Huge selection of quality frames
    We guarantee great value for money. Most patients pay less on comparable spectacles than our competitors who claim to be cheap.
  3. Quality lenses with extras included
    To protect your lenses and eyes, all plastic lenses have tough scratch resistance and and ultraviolet coating at no extra charge. Our lenses are the highest quality sourced from the best laboratories from around the world
  4. Satisfaction assured
    We are not happy unless you are. If you have a problem we want you to come back. We promise to listen and fix your problem. Guaranteed.
  5. We stand behind our prescription
    If you have any problems, we will recheck your vision at no charge. We'll make any lens change needed for free and you won't be caught in the middle. We want you to love your glasses!
  6. Free lifetime adjustments and repairs 
    Our expert staff will professionally adjust, fit and service your glasses as often as needed for as long as you have them - totally free forever.

Melbourne Optometrists based in Hawthorn

Contact us to speak to our highly trained reception or optical dispensing staff or make an appointment to consult with our optometrists.

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